Three Steps to Serenity

With a population of about 1,277 million, India is today the second most populous country in the world and third highest in the number of obese and overweight people. A shocking revelation by the World Health Organization indicates that about 11% of India’s adolescent population and 20% of adults are obese and overweight. What could be the possible cause behind this alarming situation?

Any change in an individual’s lifestyle is primarily a result of his/her contact with the immediate environment. Rapid advancements in technology have brought out resultant changes in the physical design of our immediate environments. Be it our work place or home, this techno-culture is very much a part of our lives. But, will this blind dependence be a thorn in our race to build healthy urban spaces? Instead of only focusing on the housing prices, it is now time to think about the life spaces that gives you an access to a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to the modern-day connoisseurs of the real estate industry, integrated townships have quickly emerged as a responsible response to this alarming call. This has resulted in fitness centers and open spaces encouraging physical activities to be an integral part of new residential projects.

The trend of quality housing projects is much beneficial for metros like Mumbai, which has to tackle with crucial urban concerns like exploding population and limited land resource. It can be rightly said that, a three-step approach is being adopted by today’s realtors in rejuvenating human lifestyles.

Physical Fitness: Our body is a temple to our immortal spirits. Our physical appearance is the most vital determinant of our confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. A well-built body defines the very base for a quality life. Housing townships having an in-built gymnasium, jogging tracks and swimming pools have emerged as a favorite catch among property seekers today. Going one step ahead, realtors have now expanded the structural horizon and are even incorporating sporting areas. Basketball courts, jogging tracks, pools for aquatic zumba, and even skating zones are few among the trending facilities being seen in new housing projects in Mumbai.

Mind Mapping: Life is often referred as a race. Each individual has his/her own race to triumph. But, even this live racetrack is not devoid of its hurdles. Amidst these daily work hustles, finding a quality time for oneself is not just a task but a challenge today. Maintaining a composed mind is as equally important as a healthy body. Only a composed mind can draw meaningful conclusions. Our ancient sages indicate the practice of ‘Dhyana’ or meditation as an ideal way to draw out the purity of mind from worldly concerns. Having an easy access to such quality spaces is thus a need of the hour. Answering to these worries are today’s housing townships, which are in-built with meditation rooms and yoga centers. With such quality spaces at walkway distance, achieving a quality lifestyle amidst the sprawling metros is today a dream turned into reality.

Liberating Soul: Can we feel the true pulse of our free spirit? While the worldly concerns are glued to our physical existence, maintaining the purity of our immortal soul is a necessity to achieve a quality life. Its rightly said that a mother’s womb is the most safest place for an immortal soul. After detaching from this holy grail of existence, we fall right into the lap of Mother Nature. Closeness to nature is thus a prime path to serenity. But, the expanding phase of concretization has brought down the spread of such plush green spaces, especially in metros like Mumbai. Exploring this as a necessity, our futuristic realtors are being increasingly focused to develop more green buildings and green homes. Open gardens, herb and spice nurseries and parks are the few elements defining the green sprawls of new housing projects in Mumbai.

The dimensions of a quality life are varied and vibrant, but to succeed in each level, we need a perfect harmony of mind, body and soul. And the path to achieve this serenity in life starts from a quality life space – a home which is more than just four walls.


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  1. Amrut says:

    Revealing info. High time we Indians change our routine to match the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.


    1. Thank you for the feedback. Happy Reading!


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