Key Drivers For A Life with Leisure

With each passing day, our lives are getting busier and more complex. This hustle has today crafted its shadow even on our personal lives. How many times have we compromised on that much awaited holiday trip, plan to dine-out, or a late night movie show with our loved ones?  Well, we do not keep a track record for this, do we? Aren’t these the most precious moments of our lives, the time which won’t ever return to us. But, compromising on the professional commitments is also not a favorable option.

The only solution hence is to have a home which is no less than a holiday destination. Thanks to the responsible reaction from the real estate sector, the concept of offering ‘Life with Leisure’ is being preferred in most of the upcoming residential projects.

Theme based dining areas: An integral part of any home is the dining area. Here a family not just shares meal but also reflects their strong bond of relationship.  This is the arena to reconnect, recharge and refresh our mind and body alike. The space is especially important for the time starved urban residents to detach from the worries of daily chores and leave behind the commitment to mobiles and laptops. It reflects the personality of a family, the bond shared between the members and the positive vibe driving the life source. And to make such moments a pleasurable and memorable one, a dining space needs to be not just comfortable but also trendy in nature. A touch of your personal memories elevates the experience of dining in your own kingdom.

Private entertainment zones: To get a break from our fast-paced life is today a challenge. But to relieve from the concerns of daily work hustles is also a necessity. A close proximity and ease in accessing such leisure zones evidently determines our interest towards such activities. Respecting this need, realtors now offers such refreshment zones right within the project’s vicinity. The location of such refreshment zones right at your backyard elevates the pleasure and helps to share the experience with the loved ones.  Amphitheatres, clubhouses, private party decks, sky lounges, and even private bars are few of the popularly sought out demand trends driving new residential projects in metros like Mumbai.

Areas to reconnect: Family and friends can be rightly said as the support systems in shaping not just our personality but also in sketching our social identity. Devoting a quality time for friends and family adds the value essence to our lives. The experience of adding a personal touch will be much more if we are the party hosts rather than just participants. The alleviated need to have a social connectivity has brought a 360 degree change in the buyer’s perspective. A life with leisure is hence considered as a valuable investment. Privatized party decks, barbeque lawns, party lounge and even café are now being offered in a platter in most of the upcoming housing projects in Mumbai.

Future Fit: We all had a childhood when we wished to drape a sari like our mother or to grow a moustache like our dad. Kids often mirror their parents.  And parents become their heroic figures, educators, mentors and even critics in each phase of life – from his birth to adolescent and finally to an adult. The qualities of a valuable life are often derived by a kid from his/her parent. Physical fitness is one of the important determinants of quality living. But, today our younger generations are more attached to video games and Xboxes rather than outdoor activities and mind sports. The only influencers who can bring a positive change to this are us, the adults. Encouraging these sentiments, most of the residential properties are well-equipped with gyms, multi-purpose courts, jogging tracks or at least swimming pools and parks. This reflects the responsible approach adopted by realtors in shaping a bright future for our coming generations.

Housing projects equipped with all value based amenities are quickly becoming a favorite in the residential property market, especially in cities like Mumbai. The new residential projects in Mumbai clearly indicate a changing tone of buyers from seeking not just residences but a ‘Life with Leisure’.




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