Benefits of Green Homes in Concrete Jungles

Breathing is the first activity we did when life pumped into our flesh, and will be the last thing we do before our heart stops beating.  In this competitive world, we all are in a ‘Race to Accomplish’. Be it fame, money, luxury, security or emotional bonds, the list goes on and seems never ending. But, how much do we actually care about breathing?

A shocking revelation by the Global Burden of Disease Study indicates that the number of deaths due to air pollution is much higher than malnutrition, obesity, alcohol, drugs and even genetic mutations. The situation has become especially critical in developing nations like India. According to WHO, India has the highest number of deaths due to respiratory diseases. In 2012, the death rate due to respiratory disorders in India was 159 per 100,000, which is about 10 times that of Italy, five times that of the UK and twice of China. And a major culprit behind this alarming situation is our immediate living environment.

Thanks to the responsible approach adopted by the country’s realtors, Green Buildings or Green Homes have emerged as our life saviors. While green has become an obsessive trend for the real estate sector, very little is being discussed upon the health benefits attached to it.

Broadly, the advantages of a Green Home can be classified into three facets:

Toxic-free Living: How many of us are aware of the fact that insulations used on wall spaces contain fibers that could cause cancer? Or the heavy metals used in the making of roofs and pipes might affect our central nervous system? Or the PVC found in shower curtains and vinyl flooring might result in breathing troubles? A little caution while selecting such building materials can bring out positive changes in our life habits. Paints, adhesives, sealants and finishes with low VOC stink less and prevent us from respiratory illness. The other critical element in the construction of Green Homes is the use of recyclable building materials. Such building materials lets out minimum toxic pollutants into the atmosphere and results in a ‘Breathe Easy’ environment.

Walk with the Nature: It’s rightly said that, ‘A mother’s womb is the safest place in this world’.  Similar to that is a life in the lap of Mother Nature. Scientific evidences have proved that life-spaces having a close proximity to natural vegetation could evidently bring down the level of stress and frustration. The concept is today so much in demand that, Green Homes are more considered like an essential in the path of Eco-Therapy.

Natural Ventilation: Contemporary transformations in the structural outlook have made the process more complex in nature. Maintaining a structure’s ability in contributing towards a healthy lifestyle has become a matter of significance. Ventilation is one such core determinant of a healthy lifestyle. Preaching the importance for healthy living areas, architects and realtors have gone one step ahead and incorporated natural ventilation systems in housing projects. The approach not only makes the building more energy efficient but also improves the air quality for the locale occupants.

‘Green’ can thus be rightly called as a mantra of new-age construction. The approach however is justified, as the increasing complexities in our lifestyle demands for sustainable life spaces. Moreover, with the alarming worry on perishing natural resources, ‘Green Homes’ looks as a promising growth trend for the realty sector.



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