Five Senses Defining a Quality Home

Our senses are gateways to experience the world we live in. And, the very first step to explore the outer world starts from our home. How many of us have actually thought of a home that could satisfy our five senses?  But to identify such a living abode, in this mechanic life amidst the growing hustles of overcrowded cities, is nothing less than a challenge.

Thanks to the evolving phase of aesthetics, a rather responsible approach is being seen in the structural evolution of the realty industry. The inclination towards meeting the five senses, either knowingly or unknowingly, is clearly a trend seen among the upcoming luxurious residential spaces being built today.

Sight: Who wouldn’t want to experience the ‘Top-of-the-world’ feeling and to stand above the ordinary? The increasing ‘verticalization of structures’ have opened the gates of a seamless view from the living abodes. Be it in witnessing the limitless beauty of water bodies or in exploring the horizons of a city’s skyline or in reaching a step close to the skies, residential structures have adapted to verticalization as a growth mantra to elevate the essence of luxury. A residence which stands above the ordinary is a true testament of your growth path and reflects your heights of achievements.

Sound: While the structures are becoming more vertical in nature, our immediate environment is challenging our eardrums. The densely populated urban sprawls and growing number of automobiles have today resulted in a noisy living environment. Adding to this is the increasing hustles in our daily life, which has made us rather unfamiliar with the serenity of silence. A solution to shield up your listening chords is the Green Homes. A residence of this kind, are the ones which can wake you up to the hymns of nature with birds chirping right next to your abode is a blessing in true sense.

Smell: Equally important as the serenity of silence is the ability to breathe free and breathe safe in our urbanized era. Our mechanized lives have polluted the environment and questioned the ability to breathe safe.  A residence located right in the lap of Mother Nature, closely knit with the elements of green environs is the most ideal solution to address these concerns. Green vegetation and plush natural landscape has become an unavoidable part of a quality home. Identifying the availability of such features is hence a necessity while short-listing your quality homes.

Touch: Flooring is the first element which attracts the human eyes. And due to this, flooring is often considered as the most important element in home décor. From dung patched to wooden to marbled, the world of flooring has undergone numerous changes in the construction domain. Today, floorings are getting more shiner and softer. The availability and usage of international flooring products like the Italian Botticinos have today added the essence of glamour into the luxurious residential properties.

Taste: We often travel far and away to test our taste buds. But, we often end up succumbing to the travel worries and sacrifice our dining interests. A well-connected residential space that has a close proximity to international cuisines and restaurants is our answer to resolve such worries. In-built cafés and food lounges have become an integral part of modern day townships. A residence closely knit to such leisure areas is a perfect destination to enrich a quality lifestyle.

The five senses reflects a human’s ability to live, nurture, adapt and prosper. These senses are key determinants of our consciousness and the very essence of our existence. Quality hence comes hand-in-hand with the ability to satisfy all the five senses. And to determine a quality life space, it is a must to analyze the ability of the residence in meeting our five basic senses.


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