French Windows as a Gateway to Meet Quality Living

** The article presented is first in the series to reflect – How Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs’ can help in the search for Quality Homes

Personality of an individual can be rightly said as a result of inspirations and influences. However, the source for our inspirations and influences are often drawn from the immediate surroundings and individuals who are in direct contact. As per American psychologist Abraham Maslow, the development of human personality passes through five distinct levels. The most basic and prime level in this ‘Pyramid of Needs’ is the one meeting our physiological and biological requirements.

Of the numerous basic fundamentals, air is the most important and vital source for human life. But, the availability of fresh air is increasingly becoming a challenge in today’s fast-paced life. Windows are one such gateway connecting us with the natural air. Windows perform the prime duty of allowing the light to enter the structure, prevent interiors from outside bad weathers and give a scenic view to the surroundings. Implying effective window designs is hence a necessity in housing projects.

While crystal towers and structures were becoming a favorite for the real estate sector, the alarming concerns on energy consumption and the need to access fresh air has brought in a paradigm transformation. Architects and designers are today more inclined towards elements which are in sync with nature, and hence favor passive methods of ventilation. One such artistically appealing yet naturally beneficial development seen in the housing projects are French windows.

Apart from transforming the elevation of the building, French window patterns lend a luxurious touch to the building façade. The benefits of French Windows while are many, few of its key advantages are detailed below:

Improved air quality: French windows while elevates the structural outlook, also enables the residential occupants to have an easy access to consistent air flow. The openings bring out an uninterrupted flow of natural air into the interiors and thereby improve the quality of interior spaces. Apart from adding glamour, these aesthetic gateways also allow a rich breathable space within the residential properties.


Easily adaptable: The windows while light up the interiors during the day, at night maintains the serenity within the building. In addition, such window patterns use the outdoor air flow caused by pressure difference between the building and it’s surrounding to provide ventilation and space cooling. During winters, they trap the natural sunlight and help to make the interiors warm. Whereas in summer, it allows the natural air to flow-in and cools down the interior space.

Easily adaptable

Natural lighting: With its elongated features, French windows are an excellent gateway to allow day lighting. The opening gives the interiors immense access to utilize sunlight and leads to minimal use of artificial or electrical lighting resources. The ability to achieve an uninterrupted access to sunlight also connects life with the nature.

Natural lighting

Low energy consumption:  Last but not the least, the ability to utilize natural daylight and easy adaptability to the surrounding weather conditions reduces the structure’s dependence on artificial energy resources for lighting, heating and cooling requirements. This considerably brings down the cost incurred on energy usage and consumption.

Energy Saving

It is hence of no surprise that French windows are not just becoming an aesthetically favorite element for architects and realtors, but is today a vital structural component in designing quality homes.


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