Smart Homes – An Answer to Your Safety Concerns

Fear is a complex set of emotions that often caution us from the threats in our surroundings. A fundamental part of human behavior, ‘Fear’, is also a critical determinant of an individual’s personality. It is the very cause of ‘Fear’ that results in the need for safety. The requirement’s stronghold in shaping an individual’s identity might have been the key cause for Abraham Maslow to consider safety as the second most important stage in his ‘Pyramid of Needs’.

It’s often said that home is the personal domain where an individual feels the utmost comfort and safety. But, with the alarming rate of crimes in our surrounding, a question that needs to be rethought upon is – Are we really safe at our homes?  Thanks to the advancements in technology and responsible approach adapted by developers, Smart Homes have evolved as the solution for safe and secure life spaces. Rather, with technology becoming handier each day, Smart Homes have got into the list of fundamental requirements sought by a home seeker.

The roots of home automation can be traced back to 1831 when Joseph Henry brought out his then jaw-dropping innovation – a doorbell. Ever since, we have the loved the idea of having a communicable home – an abode which makes our living easier, simpler and secure. While the benefits of home automation are being widely discussed, very little is being said on how these technological solutions can help us to battle our very concern for overcoming ‘Fear’.

This write-up explores on the possibilities of how a thoughtfully planned home, well equipped with security elements, can be the right solution to combat your socio-human worries.

1] Mortality: The first and foremost fear affecting the very existence of mankind is the fear of mortality. According to recent information disclosed by Mumbai Police, on an average, four house burglaries are being reported in Mumbai every day. The number of house break-ins and thefts, in particular has witnessed a rise of about 40%, especially in the last one year. And the lack of efficient security is being reported as a major cause behind this alarming rise of crimes. However, the innovative developers’ have today brought in a smart solution to address this grueling safety concern, especially in metros like Mumbai. The solution being identified is to rely on technology powered safety and security appliances. And a favorite among such appliances is the CCTV cameras. Most of the upcoming and already existing residential properties have made it mandatory to equip basic safety precautions like CCTVs and even 24/7 manual security guards. Well, a residence having a clear monitory access and a mapped surveillance is anytime secure, isn’t it?

2] Accidents: Life is often quoted as a game where each step is unpredictable. If not walked with caution, life has its own thorns to hurt us. Be it as small as a short circuit through a live wire or a major one like a fire outbreak, risk awaits in each step we make. The glamour of crystal buildings and skyscraping towers though are aesthetically supreme, will be unsupportive if not equipped with proper life safeguarding requirements. Provisions for fire extinguishers, easy connectivity to the staircase, smoke detectors and sprinklers have become a very part and parcel of the new-age housing. Apart from providing utmost security, such living abodes give the occupants a confidence to lead a guaranteed life in a livable environment.

3] The Unknown: Might be the scariest of all, is the fear of being unknown or the nature of non-predictability. An old phrase rightly says – ‘If I know then I can control, and if I don’t, then I am not in control’. The fear of not being control of the situation often puts us in an unclear and a problematic setting. For instance, the uncertainty about the person at your doorstep or the very next knock at your door. We are often clouded with such worries even today. Smart Homes conveniently addresses all such concerns, through techno-powered solutions like Video-door phones and intercom facilities. Most of the residential properties in cities like Mumbai have moved a step further and offer similar techno-solutions to ease and secure life spaces.

4] Challenging ‘The Nature’: Another critical element worrying our very existence is not being in harmony with nature. Though the advancements in technology eased human lives to a larger extent, has also brought numerous faults with it. Depletion of the ozone layer is one such major concern affecting mankind today. And a major cause behind this is the unplanned emission of energy. However, Smart Homes have brought in a fruitful solution to even address these concerns from an individual level. With homes well equipped with easy-to-access controls, which can be even monitored through smartphones, managing energy consumption has become a cakewalk for the new-age occupants. Be it in operating your lighting systems or HVAC system, monitoring such appliances is just a click away for the residents of new-age housing units.

5] Affordability: Just a few years ago, the concept of Smart Homes was largely limited to luxury and premium ranged housing units and commercial apartments. Thanks to the far-reaching impact of technology, the concept of Smart Homes is today a basic demand put forth by a mid-income earner. Be it the mid-range homes or residential units falling under the affordable or budget brackets, Smart Homes is a trending demand requisite in the Indian residential property market. Furthermore, with mobiles, land-line telephones, touch pads or iPads, developers today ensure to offer a home which is not just aesthetically appealing but is sustainably secure.

It could be hence rightly said that, over the last few years, the evolving needs of home buyers have positively translated into a whole new set of demand dimensions and preferences. And what was earlier considered only as an element of luxury is today a standard defining quality living.


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