Can Interiors Determine Identity?

Be it the way we dress, behave or live, each activity we do is a reflection of our identity. And this uniqueness is clearly mirrored in the choices we make, essentially while shaping our life spaces. It can be rightly said that landscape is the mirror of a civilization. Each of its elements is defined by the way the occupants built it or the preferences they made. A real example reflecting this spirit of notion is our home. Virtually everything we see inside our home is a part of the choices we make, our likes and interests.

It is hence of no surprise that this notion has soon become a trend grappling in the luxury housing projects. Today, home is more than just a life-space; rather it is a statement defining our individual self. A critical determinant in this aspect is the interior design, which talks a lot about the owner. A quality interior design makes a shelter an oasis of sanctity between the chaotic environment and self. This rightfully defines the much known phrase — ‘There’s no place like home’.

But, interior design is much more than just a visual appeal. Architects have rightly taken up this tone and reflected it in their design for new-age homes. The trend however has been popular in defining three core elements of interior designing:

Focal points: The effectiveness of a successful interior design often depends upon its ability to create not just a first but a lasting impression on the onlooker. Architects and interior designers today opt for numerous sources of inspiration to elevate the quality of living. The trend has been so widely embraced that, today popular and iconic residential projects have interiors inspired by nature; season’s etc. focus has been even in defining minute specifications like French Windows, handicrafts or even an attractive rack space – to elevate the apartment’s aesthetic appeal.

Furnishing: With the changing dynamics in nature, furnishing has become more tailor-made and personalized. Furnishing today is considered not just as an element that will fit in the apartment, but as a reflection of the owner’s identity/personal well being. The spirit is well reflected even in the wall furnishes. The vibrancies in furnishing are even being brought out by the interior designers to reflect the much needed modern vibe into new-age luxury housing projects.

Lighting: Another most important and critical aspect trending aesthetically is lighting, which helps to add a harmonious tone to the ambiance. The tone of lighting however has to be set as per the activities that will be taking place in the room. Each room has its own purpose and identity. Identifying the lighting system as per the preferred setting thus plays a critical role in determining the interior ambiance and ultimately the personal well-being of the occupants.

It could be hence rightfully said that the changing dynamics of interior designs have today not just beautified our life spaces but also has created a new canvas to reflect the life’s vigor and vibrancies.



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