Art, A Determinant of Human Identity

Art is popularly known as a language of expression. A medium depicting diverse range of human emotions and activities, Art, has been a critical element in human lives, right from the stages of evolution. Little would have one wondered on how such an imaginative and creative form of expression shape our personalities.

From cave paintings in our Neanderthal Ages to rock sculptures during Indus Valley Civilization to DJ floors today, art has always accompanied us, in its vibrant forms, during each phase of our lives. Maintaining a close harmony with art is hence an essential in ensuring a quality life. But, despite the numerous transitions seen in the real estate properties; we can find only a handful of residential properties today with spaces dedicated to encourage art forms.

A residential space of such caliber, if available, is not just gateway to achieve satisfactory living but rather an ‘Extraordinary Lifestyle’.  However, as it says, ‘A Gem shines by itself’. Such quality residential properties are increasingly seen on a rise in metros like Mumbai. So much that, dedicating exclusive spaces for art forms has become a trending USP for numerous upcoming residential properties in Mumbai. The trend has particularly become a favorite among the luxurious residential properties – which not just elevates the standard of living but also brings an all-round development in human lifestyles.

The write-up attempts to identify and put forth few of such three key trending amenities being added into the sprawling residential properties in Mumbai.

Library: The world of words is an art of wisdom. And library is essentially an oasis of this wisdom. A favorite sought after destination for the book lovers, a library, is much more than just a space to spend time. A global study – Research in Social Stratification and Mobility– says that growing up in a home with about 500 books around would propel a child 3.2 years further in regards to education and confidence, than a kid having limited or no access to books in residences. In an era of Kindle and mobile reading apps, a library is a gateway for the young minds to touch and feel the world of words.


Art Galleries: In the earlier days, visiting an art gallery and meeting an artist in person was the most exciting pastimes. But, in this electronically driven era, with every image available on internet, the preference has dramatically changed from personal meetings to web-browsing. However, an art must be experienced in person to get a sense of its magnitude.  Art Gallery is one such place to not just admire this creative form of expression but also to build a community – a real social network, an ecosystem that rebounds with the societal values.

art gallery

Graffiti Wall: The most modern and new-age form of art are the Graffiti Walls. A popular among the teenagers, Graffiti brings the art directly to public, right in front of their eyes. A Graffiti Wall though has also got a rebellious face, if used righteously can turn out as an effective canvas of expressing thoughts and emotions. Moreover, Graffiti liberates the individual a freedom to express them in a way they wouldn’t have done otherwise.grafitti wall

Arts and its numerous vibrancies thus is an integral medium of shaping human personality, and ultimately in the path to achieve self-actualization. Even, Abraham Maslow defines such contributory factors as vital elements in the final phase of developing human personality as per his theory on Pyramid of Needs.  A residential property bringing you close to experience the magnitude of art and its expressions is hence truly a gateway to experience an Extraordinary Living.


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