Graffiti – An Artistic Touch for a Quality Public Realm

“Painting is a blind man’s profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen,” said Pablo Picasso.

True to his words is the power of art. And the most vibrant form of expression is painting that has a direct link to human evolution. One such form of expression that has witnessed a sea change in its presentation and popularity is Graffiti. Started as a form of writing on cave walls and later into a ‘name-tag movement’, the art of Graffiti is today one of the most vibrant form of expressionism.

The roots of Graffiti while can be traced back to ancient Rome and Egypt, the practice was even visible during the Stone Age. The form of expression which started from caves to paintings on temple wall is today the most eye catching and dynamic representation to convey an idea, concept or a message. The impact has been so much that, the art of Graffiti has even become a trending aesthetic addition in the real estate industry. Creative realtors bound with an urge to not just build life spaces but create extraordinary structural landmarks have involved exclusive Graffiti zones as an integral part of their residential properties.

Though being criticized for its darker shades of upfront representation, the art of Graffiti if rightly used can be an effective tool of mass information. The art form can be rightly categorized as a direct reflection of the way we interpret the world around us. While numerous discussions have been around in regards to the dynamisms of Graffiti, little is being thought upon the benefit of this art form in shaping a quality public sphere.

Four of such critical benefits towards the social development are being outlined here:

public sphere

Active Public Sphere: Everyone has a flavor for art, but how often do we actually attempt to visit an art-gallery or any art exhibition? Very rare. The problem with our commitment towards art today is — sometimes we fail to notice what is being seen or being spoken about. This is especially prominent with our younger generations. Graffiti on the other hand can be rightly termed as an ‘explosion of art on face’. A well conceptualized Graffiti is a perfect tool of mass communication.

youth involvement

Youth Involvement: Future is built on the pro-activeness of the young minds. Graffiti with its vibrancy and high-end spirits is by itself, an effective form of expression for youth to get involved in the social causes. The cost effectiveness of the art form further makes it more suitable to drive the economic revitalization, particularly in the urban areas. Moreover, such art forms are most effective in shaping our consciousness, developing a collective attitude, inspiring and remoulding behavior, and also as a stress-buster.

self expression

Self-Expression – Freedom to express is what we all seek. Graffiti is that art form that gives you a voice to express self. And the only two elements required behind it are a spray can and an idea. The opportunity collaborate artists, community members and the youth and thereby boosts the scope of public interaction. This where new-age free thinkers and expressionists are born! Unlike the other art forms, Graffiti has the potential to convey even serious socio-economic or political concerns in more interesting forms, especially within the public domain.

aesthetic appeal

Aesthetic Appeal: Art has within itself an ability to inject life even into mundane elements. And such is the power of Graffiti. The creativity, boldness and bright colored representation of messages apart from being eye catchy can revamp a drab or monotone life space into more active areas. The quality and easy accessibility of the art form further assists in elevating a public sphere’s culture values by involving the residents into an active conversation. This quality has rightly attracted even town planners, architects, landscape designers, realtors and urban administrators to involve Graffiti as a trending art form in their process of their regional revamps.

Returning back to the words of great maestro, Picaso, it’s hence time to revisit and explore the true potentials of art forms like Graffiti. The popularity of the art from the streets to most vibrant form of expression today is an answer to realize the true power of art in influencing human lives.


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